Sure-fire Ideas to Get from First Date to First Kiss

How to Have an Unconventional First Date in Cincinnati

Cincinnati Date Night, Cincinnati Limousine Service, limo service cincinnati, Cincy Date Night Car ServiceFirst dates are a time when nerves are high and plans are crucial. Planning your first date with a brand new special someone can be one of the most anxious times in the relationship; it’s the time when you make a first impression on your love interest and show them how spontaneous and fun you are. The good thing about date nights in Cincinnati? There are tons of options for change-ups on the traditional date night atmosphere without sacrificing the romance. We’ve got a list of ways to get from first date to first kiss on your next Cincinnati date night outing.

Unconventional Transportation

One of the best ways to make a first date memorable is find a great car to ferry you around Cincinnati. Driving is just not a great date activity, especially early in the game. Not only are your attentions divided while you’re en route to your destination, but driving can bring out road rage and other frustrations that are best kept for dates on down the line. (You know, after you’ve gotten to know one another a little bit better.) Also, nothing beats the luxury of a chauffeured vehicle. You can relax in the back seat, take in the sights, and even use your Chauffeur as a reference for places to go and sights to see. Especially if Cincinnati is new territory, you’ll be thankful to have a local expert right in the front seat.

Some of our favorite cars for unconventional first date transportation? How about a 1957 Chevrolet Bel Air Limousine? With seating for up to 10 passengers, you can even turn your first date into a double date, if you’d like. Plus, you get all of the luxury and ease of a traditional limousine with the added pizzazz that only a classic car can provide.

Unconventional Activities

 A big part of orchestrating a successful unconventional first date? Find a great activity. The first step to choosing the best activity for your particular Cincinnati date is to get some information on what your love interest likes to do. Ask strategic questions when you talk to him or her leading up to the date; get information on their favorite foods, whether or not they like art, and if they’ve seen the Cincinnati skyline. Knowing the answers to questions like these will be invaluable when it comes to planning a fantastic Cincy date.

If your date is into art, Cincinnati has a ton of options for great exhibits. Keep destinations like the Cincinnati Art Museum, the Cincinnati Contemporary Museum of Art, and the Cincinnati MuseumCenter in mind. All of them give you and your date an opportunity to experience the best art in Cincinnati together.

If interesting music venues are up your date’s alley, consider doing research into some of Cincinnati’s best music venues. One of our favorites is Music Hall, a building that’s more than a century old and houses some of the most beautiful music venues in the country. For something more laid-back, consider hitting up the Northside Tavern, which features more singer/songwriter and indie selections for patrons.

Of course, you can never go wrong taking your date to see exotic animals and beautiful flowers, so don’t leave the Cincinnati Zoo and Botanical Garden out of the picture. The Cincinnati Zoo is the second oldest in the United States and has an impressive collection of endangered species for view.

Planning a great date in Cincinnati is easy, if you choose car service and one of many Queen City’s unconventional activities to leave a lasting impression.