Take a Mini Vacation

Day Trip Locations Near Cincinnati


Cincinnati Day TripsThe end of summer is fast approaching. However, that does not mean that it is too late for you and your family to head out on a last minute vacation. There is still plenty of time for you to get away from the office and soak up a few rays before the weather starts to cool down for the fall. With so many lovely locations within the state of Ohio, you can book a getaway just a few hours away from Cincinnati that will leave you feeling like you’ve taken a long and far away vacation.


Drive North to Lake Erie


You don’t need to fly all the way to the Bahamas to enjoy a beach vacation. While Ohio isn’t exactly the first state that pops into one’s mind when thinking about beach destinations, its proximity to the shores of Lake Erie make for some beautiful lake front beaches, hotels, resorts, and more. If you are willing to make the drive up north, you can make it to the lovely lake front beaches and back home again all in one day.


One excellent lake location the great state of Ohio is the Lake Erie Islands. This group of islands is full of beaches, shops, restaurants, and lovely inns. Whether you choose to simply spend the day hopping form island to island or want to spend a weekend at the islands, you will not run out of fantastically fun events. Coming up this September, you and your family can enjoy the Historical Weekend, Art in the Park, or the Miller Boat Line 5K race. Wonderful attractions like the Butterfly House and the Chocolate Museum are open any time of the year.


Enjoy Yellow Springs


You can also get close to nature by driving over to Yellow Springs, Ohio. Yellow Springs is a gorgeous town with wonderful hiking and biking trails. Right now at Yellow Springs, they are having their annual Street Fair where visitors can enjoy food and goods from local and nonlocal vendors. Once you’ve taken a hike through the Glen Helen Nature Preserve or John Bryan State Park, you can head over to downtown Yellow Springs and start exploring. The main stretch of the town is home to many quaint and lovely stores as well as some excellent restaurants.


You Can Also Have Fun in Your Own Backyard


Lastly, don’t underestimate how relaxing and fun heading into the city for the day can be. Cincinatti is full of wonderful and exciting places to eat and visit. Even if you are local to the area, you may not have seen everything that your city has to offer. A fun way to spend some time getting to know Cincy would be spending the evening at a fantastic hotel like the Cincinattian Hotel and then heading over to the ballgame at The Great American Ball Park or visiting the Taft Museum of Art. You can top off your visit with a delicious meal at Eli’s BBQ and dessert at Graeter’s Ice Cream.


When taking a vacation, it is perfectly natural to want to avoid any work whatsoever. Unfortunately, planning a day or weekend trip usually involves a fair amount of driving. Driving down busy highways and dealing with unpredictable traffic can turn an otherwise lovely experience into a chore. You can avoid this problem all together by arranging for professional transportation. Instead of driving yourself, invest in a town car or a limo to bring you and your family to your destination. It will cut back on the stress of your trip significantly. It will also make your family feel as through the occasion is something really special. After all, making memories is what these trips are all about.






Image Credit: freedigitalphotos.net/Stuart Miles