The Best Date Destinations by Cincinnati Limo

The Most Romantic Nights Out

Cincinnati LimoIf you’re planning a romantic date night for your significant other for some time in the near future, we know a few of the concerns you probably have. You want to do something special, and you want it to be a surprise, but the typical date-night agenda might leave you less than inspired. Finding a new restaurant that your sweetheart will enjoy and new activities that will appeal to them can seem daunting, but don’t worry: to give you some ideas for making your date night awesome, we compiled a list of the best restaurants and nightlife in Cincinnati.

But our first (and perhaps most important) piece of date-night advice would be to book a chauffeured vehicle for you and your date. Whether it is a luxurious limousine or a sleek black sedan, not having to drive yourself (especially if you’re new to the city) is a definite stress-reliever that can only make your night better.

  1. The Esquire Theatre

Going to see the latest blockbuster thriller in a huge theatre packed with complete strangers might not be your date’s idea of fun. However, he or she might still be a movie buff whose perfect date night involves watching a great film. Enter the Esquire Theatre, a smaller, more independent theatre located in the heart of Cincinnati’s Gaslight District on Ludlowe Avenue. Parking is precarious; a movie ticket validates parking in a lot a block and a half away for only two hours. All the more reason to book a chauffeured car and skip the possibility of getting towed.

  1. Columbia Performance Center/The Edgecliff Theatre

The Columbia Performance Center, which now houses the Edgecliff Theatre, is located in Cincinnati’s oldest historical district, the Columbia-Tusculum, and lies surrounded by old architecture and historic homes. The Performance Center’s neighbors include the Irish Heritage Center and Ballet Theatre Midwest. There is also a long list of restaurants nearby if you and your date get hungry before or after the show.

  1. York St. Café

This multi-level Newport, KY hotspot is a big deal; surprisingly, there aren’t many restaurants in the Cincinnati area which offer an eatery, a lounge, and art gallery on three different levels in the same building. It’s that tri-level range of interests which makes the York St. Café one of Cincinnati’s most interesting destinations for a romantic date night. They also host live musical events and gallery openings periodically throughout the month, so there really is something for any taste.

  1. Vitor’s Bistro

This upscale dining destination on Harrison Avenue offers breakfast, lunch, and dinner menus, as well as a sushi bar and a late-night lounge that is open until 2 a.m. and has a laundry list of delicious cocktails. There is also a cigar patio for the warmer nights when you want to unwind outdoors. The ambient, elegant atmosphere is perfect for date night romantics and is sure to make your already lovely evening even lovelier.

  1. Jo An Japanese

This Japanese food/sushi bar has been consistently voted the best Japanese restaurant in Cincinnati, and it is not hard to see (or taste) why. Outside of its excellent service, impeccable atmosphere, and superior menu, the food is high-quality, fresh, and reasonably priced. If your date enjoys authentic Japanese food, Jo An Japanese is a great place to bookmark for your date night.

  1. Ambar Indian Restaurant

Ambar serves some of Cincinnati’s most delicious authentic Indian food, from Tandoori to Lamb to traditional Indian desserts. They also serve seafood and have a trio of Indian beers for those who are interested in trying a taste of India’s beer selection.

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