The Biggest Wedding Trends in 2015

Planning Your Big Day


Wedding Trends for 2015It’s never too early to start planning your wedding. As soon as your special someone pops the question, you should start thinking about your wedding plans right away, especially if you are planning a big blow out of an event. The amount of work that can go into planning a perfect wedding can be overwhelming. The earlier you start, the less stressful the planning will be once you hit crunch time. Even if you have not yet set a date, you can still browse the Internet and magazines for 2015s upcoming wedding trends. Whether you need to get some ideas for your wedding, or if you want to try to avoid as many trends as possible to make your wedding stand out, you will find that wedding planners and designers already know what colors, lights, flowers, and dresses will be huge in 2015.




One of the very first steps in planning the look and feel of your wedding is choosing a color scheme. The colors you choose can affect almost every other choice that you make. The colors you choose will affect your bridesmaid’s dresses, flowers, invitations, centerpieces, maybe even your cake. It’s very important that you choose colors that you love.  Popular colors in 2015 are going to be all about a light and airy feeling. Aquamarine, peach, beige, and pale yellow are all going to appear in many of the wedding imagery that you see next year.




Once you have chosen your colors, you might want to move on to choosing the flowers for your bouquets. One trend that has been popular in the past few years and is going to continue to be popular is the use of many flowers. Big bequests and arrangements of lush roses, orchids, and other flowers have taken a front and center role in the décor of both ceremonies and receptions. As flowers can often be expensive, one way to save a bit of money is by choosing the flowers you use carefully. Instead of spending huge dollars on roses and other expensive flowers, you can achieve a similar affect with daisies, wildflowers, carnations, and other more affordable varieties.


Rustic Weddings


The rustic wedding theme has dominated the wedding planning world for a couple years now, and it doesn’t look like this popular trend is going anywhere in 2015. Outdoor weddings featuring distressed furniture, antique dishware, touches of burlap and aged wood, and so many more rustic elements are being planned absolutely everywhere. The good news is that with the popularity of the rustic look it is very easy to find décor that will fit into your theme. The older look also means that rustic weddings are also softer of your budget. However, if you want your wedding to stand out from others that your friends and family will be attending, keep in mind that many brides are choosing the rustic look. You might want to head in a different direction.


Dress Trends


Lastly, one of the biggest choices you will make when planning your wedding is your dress. The trend in 2015 for dresses is a very feminine and light look. Lace, ruffles, and chiffon are huge this year, all working together in tandem with the light and airy color trends. Off the shoulder sleeves and necklines are also a big hit on the runways this season. When choosing your dress, keep in mind that trends are not always a great deciding factor. The most important thing to consider when choosing a dress is to choose something that will remain classic and beautiful long after trends have passed. You want to love your dress as much on your 50th wedding anniversary as you did on the day you tried it on.


Now with a little bit of knowledge about the trends and styles this upcoming wedding season, planning your event may be just a little easier on you. Wedding magazines and websites like Pinterest are fantastic sources for finding wedding ideas.




Image Credit: Kiatying-Angsulee