The Decline of Air Travel

Why Flying Has Become So Frustrating


Frustrating Air TravelThe process of traveling from destination to destination has never been fun. However, in the last couple of decades, the hassle and stress involved in managing air travel has gone up exponentially. What used to be a slightly strenuous process has recently turned into an absolute nightmare. If you have been in an airport in the last few years, you are well aware of the significance of the problem. When you are trying to get away on a vacation to relax, or even if you are traveling for business, the last thing you need is your experience at the airport to completely derail the quality of your trip. If you do want to make it through the airport and your flight without pulling your hair out, there are a few things you can do to proactively make your experience better.


Air Travel is Much More Expensive and Crowded Than it Used to Be


There are many reasons why air travel has become more and more of a hassle over the last few years. As is always the case, one major culprit behind the decline in quality air travel is money. Flying has always been a pricier form of travel. However, it used to be that a middle class family could manage the cost of air travel in a way that would not break their bank accounts. Now, the price of flying has skyrocketed. The average American citizen can hardly afford a plane ticket for themselves, let alone an entire family.


A major factor in the outrageous cost of air travel is fuel. In the past few years, fuel prices have gone through the roof, causing the cost of flying a jet full of passengers an incredibly expensive undertaking. In reaction to rising fuel costs, airlines have taken every measure to see that they can charge their customers as much as they possibly can. Not only have general ticket costs gone up, but they have also tacked on a large number of fees that did not used to be required.


You may have also noticed that as the price for airfare has risen, the quality of the flights themselves has fallen. Air travel used to be considered a luxury experience. Now, the seats in planes are horribly cramped, the airports and the planes are overcrowded and the in-flight food is terrible and sometimes not even provided. The reason for this is that the demand for plane tickets has risen to the point where it has surpassed the airlines’ ability to produce enough planes to accommodate the demand. More people are flying than ever before and the cost of building enough planes to service everyone is not manageable for many airliners.


How You Can Improve Your Flight Experience


When you know that you are going to be in for an uncomfortable and frustrating flying experience, you need to take every measure you can to streamline your experience. While you will always have to put up with some frustration when flying, there are a few elements of your experience that are within your control.


First of all, before you leave your home, make sure that you are in compliance with the restrictions set forth by your airline. Most of the restrictions that you will need to worry about are regarding the luggage you bring on a flight. If your suitcases exceed the weight limit set forth by the airline, you will either have to rearrange your baggage in the check in line or pay a fee. Preparing for this will save you time and a headache when you check in your luggage. You should also dress appropriately. Do not wear a lot of jewelry that might set off metal detectors and wear shoes that can easily be slipped on and off. Lastly, arrange for transportation to and from the airport. The last thing you need to worry about after a long and tiring flight is hailing a cab. It’s best to have a ride prepared to pick you up and bring you to your destination.



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