Tips for Teens to Disaster-Proof Their Prom

How to Avoid a Prom Night Disaster Cincinnati-Prom-Limo-Service

Prom night is one of the highlights of your high school years and it’s an occasion that will make special memories you’ll never forget. But when you have high expectations of an exciting night, you don’t want to risk that anything could go wrong. From waiting too long to ask your dream date to forgetting to buy a corsage for your date, any number of problems could happen. Fortunately, most problems are preventable with a little bit of advanced preparation.

1. Ask the right person to be your date.

One of the most important parts of planning for prom is getting a special someone to agree to be your date. Although some people choose to go to prom as just friends, it is a very couples-oriented and romantic event. Typically, the guys ask the girls to be their dates – although there’s nothing wrong with turning tradition on its ear and doing it the other way around, too! Be creative and go big with your invitation and you will be sure to win over your dream date.

2. Start making plans.

Once you have secured your date, the next step is to work out some of the finer details. You want to find out who’s footing the bill for the night. You may be lucky enough to have parents who can do it, but if not, you may want to pick up some extra work to pay for the big event.

Typical prom expenses include a tux for the guys and fancy dress for the girls. Consider your options, like whether you will buy or rent your tux, and decide what a realistic budget is for a dress. Prom dresses can cost anywhere from $50 dollars to $800 dollars, depending on your style and where you shop. Plan to buy prom tickets, dinner, flowers, limo rental and possibly a hotel room for the after party.

3. Choosing your perfect outfit.

This is not just any night, and you don’t want to be wearing just any regular outfit. This is your time to go all out and show off, so put a lot of thought and effort into planning what you will wear. Wearing the same dress as other girls is practically the kiss of death at prom. Shop at boutiques that keep track of purchases at each school to avoid duplicates, or look at a shop in a nearby town instead. Don’t be afraid to go for a unique or bold look; this is your time to make a statement and really show off your personal style.

Once girls choose their dresses, that’s the time for their dates to decide how to accessorize. Get a bow tie or vest to match her dress, and you will be one sharp looking couple.

4. Coordinate efforts with your friends.

It’s common to attend prom in groups of friends. Two to six couples may choose to go to prom events together, beginning from the limo and dinner to the dance itself and an after party. The advantage about going to prom in groups is that you can split some of the costs. For example, renting a limo might not be in the budget for just one person, but it’s reasonable when shared by a group.

When you make prom plans as part of a group, it means that there’s less chance that important details will be forgotten. You can organize who will schedule which aspects of the night. More heads are always better than just one! With a little help from your friends, prom can be a night you will remember forever.

5. Book Your Prom Limo Early

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