Tour Cincinnati From Above: Aerial Tours

Helicopter and Hot Air Balloon Tours of Cincinnati Cincinnati Aerial Tour

Fresh air, open skies, an unobstructed view of the gleaming city skyline below. Doesn’t that sound nice? If you’ve ever wanted to see Cincinnati from a bird’s perspective, you can. We found several options to see Cincinnati from the sky. Ready to take flight? Let’s go over the options.

Stratus Helicopters

Stratus Helicopters offers 5 tour options, listed below. You can also create a custom tour.

City Skyline Tour

This scenic tour is for those who want to experience what it’s like to go up in a helicopter and also get a spectacular scenic view of the Cincinnati, Covington, and Newport skylines. Go around Paul Brown Stadium, fly over Great American Ballpark, cross the river to the Newport Levee, and circle over the yellow I-471 “Big Mac” Bridge by Mt. Adams.

Around the City Tour

This tour takes you all around the city of Cincinnati. Fly over Paul Brown Stadium and right next to Great American Ballpark. See Union Terminal Station, University of Cincinnati & Nippert Stadium before heading over toward Mt. Adams where you’ll see the Cincinnati Observatory and Eden Park with its famous Mirror Lake. Then start your descent following the Ohio River back along the city skyline and Newport Levee.

Ultimate Date Night Tour

This is a great tour for the romantics at heart. This tour takes you all around the city of Cincinnati, flying directly over downtown where you can look down on Fountain Square. Then fly eye level with the top of the Great American Tower and over the P&G Twin Towers. Head out toward Mt. Adams to see Mirror Lake in Eden Park and the Cincinnati Observatory before descending back down the river and city skyline.

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Best of Cincinnati Tour

This tour includes all of the above tour, which takes you around the city to see Union Terminal Station, University of Cincinnati, and includes flying over downtown Cincinnati to see Fountain Square. Then head up the river to circle River Downs, River Bend, and famous Coney Island Park before making your way back down the river along the city skyline and Newport Levee.

The Kings Tour

This tour is for those who want to see all of the Greater Cincinnati area. Take a spectacular scenic trip around the west side of downtown Cincinnati, fly past Union Terminal Station, over University of Cincinnati and then head north up to famous Kings Island Amusement Park and Great Wolf Lodge. Make your way back to fly along the east side of downtown over Eden Park, Mirror Lake, and the Cincinnati Observatory before following the river along the city skyline and Newport Levee.

Learn more here:

Higher Ground Helicopters

Higher Ground Helicopters offers not just helicopter tours of Cincinnati, but also hands-on “discovery flights”. A certified flight instructor gives you a 30-minute briefing on the ground, then takes you up for 30 more minutes in the helicopter for a hands-on experience.

Learn more by calling (513) 217-6700.

Bella Balloons Hot Air Balloon Company

Bella Balloons offers tours of the Greater Cincinnati Area from a spectacular vantage point.
Their hot air balloon rides are scheduled only with professional, FAA commercial pilots and commercially insured aircraft and vehicles. They maintain a 100% safety record.

Their tours show you picturesque farms, rolling fields, beautiful wooded areas, state and local parks, various rivers and streams, and historic cities/homes. Watch deer prance across open fields and then disappear under lush green canopies. Fly over horses drinking at a pond or cattle bathing in the morning sun. Wide varieties of native birds as well as other members of Ohio’s diverse wildlife also enhance this magnificent, panoramic view.

Here’s a short video of their Cincinnati hot air balloon tours, along with some great views.

Gentle Breeze Hot Air Balloon Company

Gentle Breeze Hot Air Balloon Company’s ride balloons carry between 2 and 6 passengers in one balloon. They also have the capacity allows to carry 20+ in multiple balloons per flight.

Learn more about Gentle Breeze in this video below:

Back on the Ground

One integral part of your Cincinnati tour experience is booking a chauffeured vehicle for your ground transportation. If you’re going to one of the options listed in this blog, the professional chauffeurs of A Savannah Nite Limousine will take you and your group to the location and back home, safely, comfortably and on-time. If the videos in this blog are all the heights you can stomach, then your expert chauffeur can give you a unique, interesting city tour from the back of your limousine. Request a free quote today by clicking below.


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