Wedding Day Etiquette 101

Avoid These Etiquette Faux Pas for a Beautiful Wedding Day

Wedding Day Faux PasWeddings are meant to happy and joyous celebrations. In an ideal world, family and friends will all gather together to share a fantastic evening. However, we have all been to weddings that are less than idyllic. Unfortunately, the slightest social faux pas could turn your wedding from a fun and celebratory to tense and awkward in a matter of moments. Whether you are a bride, groom, or guest at a wedding, there are some tips that you should follow to make sure that you aren’t stepping on anyone’s toes. Following a few simple rules of wedding etiquette will help you do your part to making your wedding, or your loved one’s wedding the most perfect night possible.

Announce Your Wedding to Family First

For brides and grooms planning weddings, it is very important to be thinking about etiquette and decorum before the wedding day even arrives. One of the biggest rules of etiquette that you should follow is announcing your engagement to all your close friends and family members before posting it on social media or other outlets. The last thing you want is for your grandmother to find out about your impending nuptials from an acquaintance at the grocery store before she hears about them from you. Telling your family first will help ensure that there will not be any hard feelings or passive aggressive behavior once your big day arrives.

Greet Every Guest

Another major rule of etiquette that must be followed by the bride and groom is greeting your guests properly. Some weddings can have hundreds of guests, and on a day as busy as your wedding, visiting every guest can be difficult. However, it is a job that needs to be done. Some guests may have traveled miles to be with you on your wedding day, saying hello and thanking them for coming is the very least you can do to repay them. The best way to make sure you greet all of your guests is to travel from table to table after your guests finish easting.

Send Thank You Cards

Finally, you need to keep in mind that wedding etiquette extends even after the night is over. Do not underestimate the importance of sending thank you cards. Sending thank you cards for gifts is a tradition that is fading with time. However, for formal events such as weddings, showers, and graduations, sending a card to say thank you is still the right thing to do. Remember that you may not see all of your guests after your wedding, meaning that you cannot thank them in person. Sending cards is a must, especially to older friends and family who ill be expecting it.

Wedding Guest Etiquette

The bride and groom are not the only people at a wedding who need to follow certain protocols of etiquette. Wedding guests should follow a few simple rules as well. Do not attend the wedding without sending an RSVP. Do not wear white to the wedding. Remember to turn off your cell phone during the ceremony. Make sure that you ask before bringing a date if it is not specified on your invitation. Lastly, remember that a wedding is not the place to air your grievances toward family members and friends who are also attending. If you have a personal problem with another guest at the wedding, save your confrontations for another time and place.

Getting family and friends from varying backgrounds together under one roof for a fun time is not always easy, but that should not stop you from planning or attending the event. By keeping in mind some rules of etiquette, you can help your upcoming wedding run as smoothly as possible. In the end, the most important rule to follow is to remember that a wedding is about celebration and love, not disagreements. When you show up ready to have a good time, you will be doing your best to create a perfect wedding. 




Image Credit: Georgiev