What To Know About This Weekend’s Flying Pig Marathon

Cincinnati Limo Service Guide To Running A Marathon

flying pig marathonAlthough registration closed on April 19, the race organizers have opened late online registration that will be available until 4 p.m. May 4 for the Sunday marathon. Registration for Saturday events closes on 4 p.m. May 3.The 15th Annual Cincinnati Flying Pig Marathon will take place this Sunday, May 5, at 6:30 a.m. A Cincinnati tradition since 1999, the Flying Pig Marathon is a 42.28 km / 26.27 mile race through downtown Cincinnati, northern Kentucky and along the Ohio River.

If you want to participate in this weekend, here’s what you need to know.


The Flying Pig Marathon is the 3rd largest first-time marathon in the U.S., so even if you’ve never run in one before but want to, this is the perfect event. This course counts as a qualifier for the Boston Marathon. You must be at least 18 years old on the date of the marathon to participate. The only exceptions are runners under 18 who receive receive parental permission in the form of a permission slip.


Register here. The fee is $115.

Event Details

According to the official website, the Cincinnati Flying Pig Marathon “promises to be a beautiful course which flies along the streets of Cincinnati, Covington, and Newport.”

Walkers are welcome in the marathon, but the course will close on a continuous pace of 16 minutes per mile. Anyone who cannot maintain this pace must move to the sidewalk because the course will close to allow regular traffic through.

If you, your family or friends are going around town this Sunday, hiring a limousine service in Cincinnati will help you get to your destination without the hassle of navigating through traffic, detours and road closures.

All Marathon finishers will receive a finisher’s medal, a mylar blanket, and finish-area refreshments. Finisher’s certificates will be available on the Marathon’s website for downloading after the race.


Due to the incident at the Boston Marathon, there will be a greater presence of uniformed security personnel at the start, finish and along the course. The event organizers have met with police, fire and first response teams in Greater Cincinnati to plan for the event’s safety and complete a security audit of the weekend activities.

Here are some other security directives for the Flying Pig Marathon:

  • The start and finish lines will be more secure, so make sure to have proper credentials to enter the appropriate areas. Please follow the volunteers’ directions on what areas you can and cannot go.
  • Do not stash items behind a bench or under a car. They will be removed during security sweeps. Put all items in a bag to check and pick up at the finish line.

5 Important Nutrition Tips

  1. Eat breakfast – Skipping breakfast can cause your concentration and performance to suffer.
  2. Have a snack – Overeating can leave you feeling full and lethargic. Snacks can be a terrific way to meet your increased energy needs and provide needed nutrients. Small, frequent meals help keep blood glucose levels and energy from fluctuating. Quick and easy healthy snacks include fresh fruit, dry cereal, pretzels, yogurt, trail mix and energy bars. 
  3. Hydrate – Aim to drink 4-8 ounces of water every 15-20 minutes of exercise.
  4. Refuel – Even if you aren’t hungry, it’s important for you to replenish your muscle’s nutrients for sustained energy and future workouts. Try low fat yogurt, cheese, tuna, peanut butter with a bagel and banana.
  5. Avoid caffeine and alcohol – These two drugs are dehydrating, so avoid them as much as possible. If you do have a serving of either, make sure to also drink a full glass of water.

Race Recovery

Complimentary massage services will be offered to marathon participants at the post-race Victory Party.

Tracking Race Participants

If you aren’t racing in the marathon but know someone who is, you can track their progress by signing up for free email or text message alerts. You will be notified when your athlete cross timing checkpoints along the course. Sign up for tracking alerts by clicking here.

The full marathon isn’t the only athletic event going on in Cincinnati this weekend. There will also be a half-marathon, 10k, 5k, variety of kids events, and many more activities, happening from Friday to Sunday. If you don’t plan on participating in the events but will be traveling through the area, consider hiring a Cincinnati limo service to take care of your transportation needs and eliminate any stress from traffic and road closures.

Image source: 26point2medals.com