What You’ll Discover When You Tour Cincinnati’s Historic Hotspots

Seeing Cincy’s Historical Side Cincinnati Observatory

Many people do not known Cincinnati is deemed as America’s first boomtown and has challenged larger cities along the coast in wealth and size since 1788. This area has become diverse and offers many sites and attractions, no matter your interests. If you’re in town for business and have some down time, it will be good for you to take a break from work and explore the city you’re visiting and learn about its history. Here are four spots in Cincinnati that you are sure to appreciate:

Tyler Davidson Fountain

This great Cincinnati landmark was restored and rededicated in 2000. It is located in south end of the redeveloped Fountain Square, which is rich in the city’s social, commercial and civic life. Constructed in remembrance of Tyler Davidson, who owned the largest hardware store in Cincinnati, visitors often take the opportunity to take photographs in front of the fountain. The fountain’s famous focal point, the “Genius of Water,” is a lovely maiden with her arms spread from which water flows in streams. It is a captivating piece and is playfully and practically based on celebrating water’s many uses.

The Center for Holocaust and Humanity Education

The Center for Holocaust and Humanity Education (CHHE) informs the public about the Holocaust, by commemorating its victims and reminding us of important lessons that have shaped current and future generations. The CHEE reminds us to treat people with dignity and respect, which is a lesson everyone should never forget. It is the only institution in the great Cincinnati area devoted to educating the public about the Holocaust.

Taft Museum of Art

Located in downtown Cincinnati, the Taft Museum of Art has guided visitors from all over to become visually inspired. This gem is an art museum and a historic home, and the home itself is a work of art. The curators ensure the collection and special exhibits are diverse, making this artistic and architectural treasure a gift to the city for the past 75 years. It may be small, but your experience here will have you feeling like you’re a part of history.

Cincinnati Observatory Center

The Cincinnati Observatory Center is known as the “Birthplace of American Astronomy” and is a national historic landmark that not only entertains the public but educates them as well. Since the 19th century, it is recognized as the most unique astronomical institution in the country and is home to the world’s oldest telescope. Nestled in a neighborhood of beautiful historic homes, you are sure to learn amazing facts about Cincinnati’s history as you tour the two buildings up on the rolling hills of Mt. Lookout.

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photo credit: KingArthur10 via photopin cc