What Your Wedding Flowers Actually Mean

Do You Know What’s In Your Bouquet?

Cincinnati Car Service, Cincinnati Wedding Car Service, Car Service Cincinnati WeddingWeddings are one of the most momentous occasions of our lives; not only are we joining ourselves to someone for eternity, we’re combining lifestyles, possessions, and hopes and dreams. And celebrating this momentous occasion the way we want can be one serious, stress-inducing challenge. It begins with finding the right venue, picking the perfect dress, and assembling your dream wedding party. After that comes the innumerable other things you have to find, buy, and reserve. From choosing decorations, invitations and reception favors to choosing the perfect wedding transportation to whisk you away to the airport when the reception lights dim, there are a thousand aspects to creating the perfect wedding. And all of them must be found and reserved in a timely manner.

In all of the stress and confusion, things can go unchecked during the wedding planning process. Among those things is the kind of flowers you choose and what the flowers symbolize in our culture. Of course, you should have the flowers you want, regardless of what society says, but being prepared to field some of the assumptions your guests will have if you choose a particular flower is always a good thing. So without further ado, we’ve got a list of flowers that are perfect for a wedding, as well as one that might not be a great idea.


Especially if you’re planning the spring wedding of your dreams, daffodils are a fabulous flower to fill your bouquet. Daffodils, synonymous with springtime, symbolize new beginnings or rebirth, and also hold a nuance of future prosperity. It’s a good thing that brides traditionally carry bouquets and not a single flower, however; if you chose the daffodil to be your wedding flower and opted for carrying only one, you’d be carrying a symbol of misfortune as you make your way down the aisle.


An orchid is one of the most powerfully recognizable and symbolic flowers in our culture. Not only are orchids beautiful and fragrant, but they have a long life, as well, so they’re great for a pre-made bouquet. Another plus for orchids as a wedding flower? They symbolize love, beauty, and strength— perfect for a wedding celebration.


Another positively spring-esque flower that is recognizable and available in almost any color your heart desires, the tulip is a quintessential wedding flower for brides who want their bouquets to symbolize perfect love.


If you’re looking for more of a summer ambiance in your wedding, you might be looking towards the sunflower to silently communicate the warmth and comfort of your budding marriage. In fact, sunflowers do symbolize loyalty and longevity, both aspects of the traditional marriage vows. So find your sunflower vendor and stock up soon; these are a popular flower for summer weddings.


Freesia, a delicate African bloom, produces one of the most popular floral fragrances in the world. The pink and red versions of the flower hold the most sought-after scent, but the orange varieties are also well-liked. When it comes to wedding flowers, however, freesia might not be the most appropriate flower out there. The delicate petals of the freesia flower are said to symbolize innocence and friendship, which is perfect for a  bridesmaid’s bouquet, but not so much for the bride’s.

Finding the perfect flower for your wedding is really as easy as asking yourself what scents, appearances, and meanings you want to represent. And even if the flower you select has a strange or non-traditional meaning, don’t be afraid to use it anyway. This is your wedding, your flowers, and your big day.

Image Credit: freedigitalphotos.com/seaskylab