Which Wedding Limo is Right for Your Cincinnati Wedding?

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Wedding LimosWith your big day coming up quickly, you better make sure that you have a plan in action to get yourself to the church on time. Arranging for the proper transportation on your wedding day can make a huge difference when it comes to ensuring that the day runs as smoothly as possible. After months of planning to make your wedding day as perfect as possible, the last thing that you need is a lack of reliable transportation throwing a wrench in an otherwise flawless event. With a corporate car service, you can rest assured that your partner and every member of your family and wedding party arrive on time and in style.


Wedding Limos


Limos are without question one of the most popular choices when it comes to renting a vehicle for weddings. The formal and classic look of a limousine combined with the practicality of their size make them the perfect vehicles for transporting you, your new spouse, and all of your bridesmaids and groomsmen in one single vehicle. For weddings with separate ceremony and reception locations, renting a vehicle for the whole bridal party to travel in together is an absolute must. Riding together is the only way to ensure that you all arrive to the reception together and on time. Traveling in a limo together between the ceremony and reception also allows you to get pictures with your entire bridal party at different locations through the city. Limos even provide coolers and glasses so that you can pop open a bottle of champagne while you are on the road.


Party Buses


If the idea of sharing a few drinks and having fun with your bridal party on the road appeals to you, you may want to branch outside the idea of renting a classic limousine and look into a party bus instead. A party bus will hold the same amount of people as a limo, sometimes more. Party buses are the best way for you and your best friends to start off your reception as soon as you leave the ceremony. With coolers, awesome party lighting, and a controllable sound system, you can kick off the night with a few drinks on the bus while listening to some of your favorite tunes. Your driver can even take you bar hopping until its time to head to your final destination at the reception.


Town Cars


For smaller weddings and weddings that only take place in one location, you may not require the use of a large group vehicle like a limo or a party bus at all. You may only require the use of a single car to transport you and your new spouse to the ceremony or to your hotel after the reception. In this case, you cannot go wrong with town car. Town cars are standard sized vehicles that still carry the same elegance and luxury associated with a stretch limousine. A corporate care service can provide you with a car and a driver that will see you to your ceremony on time and then safely to your hotel when the night is over. After all, your wedding is certainly cause for a few celebratory drinks. A professional driver will stay safe and sober while you are on the road so that you don’t have to.


Now that the day of your wedding is just around the corner, its time to start tying up some of the loose ends in your planning process. Do not underestimate how important it can be to arrange for proper transportation. With a professional driver from a corporate car service, your transportation needs as well as the needs of your friends and family can be taken care of, leaving you to enjoy your special day without the worry of travel.




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