Winter Wedding Ideas For Cincinnati Couples

Tips for Your Winter Wonderland Wedding Winter Wedding Ideas For Cincinnati Couples

When thinking of weddings, many brides often think of that beautiful spring or summer day surrounded by blooming flowers and a warm breeze. However, winter weddings can be just a beautiful, just with a different palette of colors to work with.

In Ohio, winters are known for two major things: cold and snow. Don’t use these things as a deterrent, use them to make a breathtaking and creative wedding. Here are some of the top winter wedding trends and ideas for your wedding to make it the event of the year.

Decor – Both on the Table and Around

Pine Cones – You can’t go far in the winter without seeing pine cones. Make a statement and replace your flowers with a bouquet of pine cones, or use them on the tables with placards. The possibilities are endless.

Metallics – Golds and silvers are always popular, and continue to stay the course this winter. Gold or silver charger plates or napkin accents will make your table pop. Use other metallic accents in your wardrobe or decor to tie it all together.

Evergreens – When everything is blanketed in white, bring the refreshing evergreens from outside indoors. Decorate your reception with branchy evergreens and luminous candles.


Stoles or Coats – Make a statement with a fashionable stole as a part of your wedding wardrobe. In addition to keeping you warm, it will add an elegant touch to your whole look. If you’d rather not use a stole, or perhaps prefer something longer, a nicely tailored coat will also set your look apart while keeping you warm. Don’t forget about your wedding party either. If you are going to be spending a lot of time outside for pictures or whatnot, please make sure they are taken care of as well!

Illusion Necklines – Winter is when you can play with some of the more fun necklines. Illusion and embellished necklines can be demure and a little daring at the same time. Incorporate the season with a dress that has snowflake or star patterned embellishments.

Colors & Textures

Red – Red is popular again this winter, and not just any shade of red, but the darker shades like burgundy or oxblood. Include flowers or accents in this shade among your decor or your wardrobe. Mix this color with lush textures like velvet and chenille.

Blue – Let’s not forget that something blue when it comes to your shoes. The trend of wearing eye-catching footwear has not waned. Wear your something blue with a catchy pair of heels… and not in the typical soft shades of blue normally found in weddings, but in bright, bold shades that can’t be ignored.

Invitations – You can even use the bold and rich colors when you send out your invitations. Make a statement with bold card-stock, textured paper, and strong fonts.

Visualize combining some of these ideas together: a gold charger plate with oxblood linen napkins held in place by gold lace napkin rings, resting on top is a shimmery pine cone with the name of one your guests. If you prefer something with cooler tones, mix blue velvet with silver accents, icicle lights, and pine cones dipped in silver. The look will be opulent and rich and will always be remembered.

Winter weddings in Ohio don’t have to be boring. Have fun with bold colors and touchable textures, and make your wedding an event not likely forgotten. Don’t forget to use a premier Cincinnati limousine service for you wedding. A reputable service will get you to the church on time, and in style. For a free quote on your Cincinnati wedding limo service from A Savannah Nite, please click the button below.

photo credit: natalie.brenner via photopin cc