Limo Etiquette 101: 4 Tips Every Passenger Should Know

Booked a Limo for a Special Event? Follow These Etiquette Tips for an Optimal Good Time

Limo EtiquetteSo you have a huge event coming up. Maybe it’s a corporate gala, prom night, a special anniversary, a bachelor party or a big night out on the town. You want your night out to be optimally enjoyable, memorable, and luxurious, in the company of your friends and loved ones. You’ve created an agenda of hotspots or gotten a reservation at an exclusive restaurant. You and your friends are beyond excited.  There’s just one thing missing: reliable transportation.

Booking transportation for your big evening, regardless of the event, is an easy way to stay safe and add some real pizazz to your arrival at each destination.

Unfortunately, many people book limos not knowing the importance of basic limo etiquette.

Read through our short list of rules of etiquette on your next limo ride.

Mind the Upholstery

Most transportation companies go to great lengths to ensure that they offer their customers late-model vehicles in pristine condition. This means purchasing vehicles with luxury upholstery, often the finest leather and wood grain, to provide their customers with a feeling of optimal class and elegance.

It’s important that you return your chauffeured limo at the end of the night with no nicks or scuffs on the upholstery. That means no standing on the seats, putting your shoes on the vehicle’s surfaces or getting too rowdy within the confines of the vehicle.

Remember: you want to leave the vehicle in the same condition that you found it. It’s the easy way to avoid extra charges and keep good relations with the company you’ve booked with.

Check Your Bill Before You Leave

If you’re especially nervous about being charged extra for your limo reservation and trip, it’s a good idea to look into the billing process thoroughly before you leave for the evening.

Talk over the exact price per hour with your reservation specialist, and make sure you have the lowdown on extra costs and charges. You can even request to have a copy of the information emailed to you for your records.

With this information on hand, you can enter your evening confident that you know exactly what you’ll be expected to pay. Additionally, if you request additional services that aren’t stipulated in the original price, you can be fully aware of any extra charges incurred and be prepared to pay the extra when the evening is over.

Get Any Food or Drinks Authorized Before Leaving

Many transportation companies have to deal with the issue of underage passengers bringing alcohol in their limos, especially on occasions like prom night or graduation parties.

The law is clear: no one under the age of 21 is permitted to drink alcohol. Bringing alcohol in the limousine when you are not legally allowed to consume it can result in your chauffeur ending your trip early, calling your parents to pick you up, and charging you for the full time of your reservation.

If you’d like to bring alcohol or food as an adult passenger, please get clearance with your transportation company before your evening begins. Doing so is both a polite courtesy and will help you avoid any confusion regarding policies.

Book a Limo Large Enough for Your Party

It’s important that you, as the person booking the limousine, are aware of seatbelt and capacity laws in your home state.

This means booking a limousine that can safely accommodate your group size.

If you know you want to have 12 people in your group for a night out on the town, don’t book a limousine that only seats 8. We understand that it’s tempting to book a cheaper vehicle and then attempt to squeeze the extra people in, but for the sake of safety and integrity, always go for the vehicle that can accommodate everyone, according to the law and the standards for safety. If you’re springing for the luxury of a limousine, why not book one large enough to ensure that everyone travels safely and comfortably throughout the evening?

A limousine is a rare treat, and you should be able to enjoy the experience to the fullest. By following these simple rules for etiquette, you can orchestrate an amazing evening that everyone will remember. 


Photo Credit: Steven DePolo